What is outsourcing?

Establishment of business processes outside their own specialist means they need to entrust to an organization.

In other words, experts on issues related to the needs of our customers or customers in a multiple-site technical staff, is positioned to provide technical support during the period specified within the contract.

In Mobile Engineering; corporate customers, due to the need for annual staff budget as well as additional employment experts, so as to eliminate the risk of current employment, we meet the necessary workforce.

With additional services definition on a single bill, social security, tax and other legal personnel in subject sağlıyoruz.b your rental away from obligations allowing you to focus completely on your own business processes by giving you a high level of flexibility.

Outsourcing (Outsourcing) Benefits;

Term and project objectives can be focused on recruitment.

Expert staff resources offers the opportunity to choose and use.

Operational efficiency, which could have provided the firm to concentrate on core business.

Lowering business costs, and ensure the prevention of waste of time.

It allows the collection of scattered data in a single center.

If not satisfied with the performance of the staff subject to change without carrying heavy risks.

Sharing the risk of the organization’s applications is provided.

The duration of the contract is finalized through working staff.

Workload caused by the reduction of staff satisfaction and ability to take care of customers with more intensive firms, provide maximum customer satisfaction accordingly.