About us

Mobil Engineering; Mobil Machinery Maintenance and service Assembly in 2004, giving the name of the Maintenance, Repair and Assembly began its commercial life sector.

Turkey’s winning experience in this sector, Mobile Machinery, never by breaking the technological development in a short time; Recycling Energy, Insulation, Duct Coating, Manufacturing Steel Factory assembly and disassembly, stainless and between the developed itself and its customers in the black equipment issues, Sasa, Artenius, Pepsico, Fritolay, Besler, Akınal add global companies such as synthetic and the BU’s have and constantly making new advances grew with each passing day has managed to become a leader in the industry with quality services at all times.

The principles of honesty and responsibility, without compromising on the first principles of business ethics and the appreciation of the won, has become one of Turkey’s leading company in its sector with services spread all over.

Today the increasing importance of energy demand in Mobil Engineering, factories and energy savings in business and we are successfully carrying out work for the correct use.

All the while taking occupational health and safety at the forefront of providing high quality service to our customers, we have our main purposes. Reviewing the company’s work with Turkey, we are happy to give them service.

Our mission

our Mission

Our mission as Mobil Engineering; domestically and abroad, offering turnkey value-added products and solutions, with creative human power and in this direction using the best technology to adapt quickly to developments, reliable, customer and employee satisfaction at the highest level, and aims to be a global company in the industry.

Our Vision

Our vision as Mobil Engineering; to produce products and services of international quality standards for the success of our customers and provide innovative service beyond expectations.

Our work policy

By continuous new progress since its inception with the quality of the services provided by Mobil Engineering growing more and more every day it has always managed to be a leader in the industry. The principles of honesty and responsibility, of you in compromising the principles of business ethics and also won the appreciation and we are working on the following innovations to satisfy our customers and our business.

We support everything that the training needs of our employees is also. We take the certificates needed for our employees. Project planning, project implementation, factory assembly, we serve all our employees, including engineers and business experts disassembly.

Mobil Engineering as stainless steel, black equipment, tanks, we have achieved success in the design and manufacture of pipes. Reviewing the company‘s work with Turkey, we are happy to give them service.

Occupational Safety Policy

Our employees take all necessary precautions to protect their health and to enable them to work in a safe environment and for the use of protective equipment is essential rules of our company give them the training.

Continuing education programs for occupational health and safety awareness of the staff aşılamak.ölçül can our OHS policies, including targets, getting to do all the necessary risk analysis and the necessary measures to achieve the targets we are committed to the Mobil Engineering.

Environment Policy

All about the local environment, and acts in compliance with the national laws and regulations. Product and pollution projects considering the environmental effects associated with the preparation process is tried to be prevented at source.

Electricity, taken measures such as reducing sources of fuel and water consumption. Each year stated goals of sustainable development is provided.

Activities that occur during our solid, liquid and gas waste alınır.tekr measures to reduce our use or recycling facilities are tried out.

Any accident or emergency that may occur during our activities, measures to minimize environmental damage level is planned and implemented.

All of our employees are conscious about the environment and individual responsibility for success is gained.

National and local government agencies, the cooperation with other industry organizations and suppliers, working together to raise our environmental standards.